Securing Transportation Assets from Cyber Attacks and Critical Infrastructure from Drone AttacksAcross Sea, Land, and Air

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Threat Landscape

Assets are increasingly connected to the internet.

Drones are increasingly sophisticated and accessible. Cyber attacks and drone intrusions are becoming the next-generation gray zone attack methods that put people, assets, and the environment at risk. Connected transportation assets across sea, land, and air are the new frontier in cyberattacks. Drones are are the new frontier of espionage, surveillance, contraband, and kinetic attacks.

The "Gray Zone" is an ever-expanding space between peace and war in which unconventional means are used by state and non-state actors to achieve objectives without escalation to armed conflict.

What We Do

We are a one-stop shop for cutting edge next generation security risks

Reperion is a next-generation security business that protects transportation assets across sea, land, and air from cyberattacks and companies, assets, and controlled air spaces from drone intrusions and attacks. Successful next generation attacks could cause widespread disruption in a localised area, impact global supply chains, and harm people, assets and the environment.

Direction #1


More advanced technology than IT or fixed asset OT cybersecurity


Securing Maritime Infrastructure


Vehicular Protection


Cybersecurity for technology in the sky

Why Reperion?

  • Reperion is building an integrated platform to protect against cyberattacks and drone intrusions and attacks. Our products can be deployed in an integrated or modular manner depending on client needs and use cases.

  • Reperion is building the most resilient cybersecurity platform for transportation assets by offering niche cybersecurity products across sea, land and air.

  • Reperion is delivering drone detection and neutralization at scale, with a focus on commercial applications.

  • Reperion's technologies are born from research and development by academic experts from world-leading universities.

Partnerships & Collaborations


Reperion offers protection from cyber and drone attacks.

The maritime, automotive, and aerospace industries each have their own set of threats and attack types. We have developed products and services for each individual industry.

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    Transportation assets can be attractive targets for cyber and drone attacks. Cyber has become the most effective means to steal vehicles and could provide effective tools to disrupt civic life in urban centers or compromise businesses. Drone attacks have proven effective at disrupting deep-sea transport.

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    Critical Infrastucture

    Attacks on critical infrastructure can bring a local economy to a standstill and cripple regional economies as well. Because critical infrastructure is already being hardened effectively against cyber risks, Reperion is focusing on the threat of drone intrusions and attacks.

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    Supply Chain

    Cyber and drone attacks on critical supply-chain nodes such as ports, logistics terminals, and liquid storage terminals can have a devastating impact on local, regional, and sometimes, global economies creating incentives for both state and non-state threat actors.

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    We work with governments across sea, land, and air to protect critical infrastructure and controlled air spaces from drone attacks and vehicles and Smart City applications from cyberattacks.

Our Products

Advanced Technology to Protect IT and OT Systems.

Reperion Team

Reperion’s team combines expertise in cybersecurity, cryptography, AI, and defense technologies.

Our technologies were developed by academics who hold relevant roles at University of Bristol and Carnegie-Mellon University. Reperion is led by an entrepreneur with a finance background, maritime domain expertise, and leadership experience in Offshore Oil & Gas Services.